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Day 10 (9-13-12)


I’ve been in Thailand for 10 days now. The ride from San Fran to Seoul kinda sucked because there was so many Indian families on board who had babies. I hated the 12 hour flight because of this guy who wouldn’t stop complaining about everything and kept ordering beer. The flight attendant cut him off because the policy states they can not serve more than 3 alcoholic beverage within a 3 hour time period. This little whinny bitch complained so much that the person in charged to keep cool. On the other hand, when we got to Incheon it was cool other than my mom and I almost missing out connect flight to Thailand because the guys working said we had plenty of time to catch our flight. We only had 5 minutes to board. Our ticket said 18:00 and it was around 18:15. It really pissed off my mom to the point we had to repeat ourselves.

Well, when we arrived, I’ve been to the old capitol, Ayutthya, to visit my moms side of the family. On our way back to Bangkok, we stopped by one of the malls and I finally came across Etude House. Bought a whole set, but I ended up buying the wrong shade, natural beige, and I needed a honey beige. Called the person who sold it to us and she said they only had 2 shades, which is all light. It’s alright, I’ll keep looking around but keep this set just incase my skin tone changes in the winter (which it tends to do a lot.)

Just a few hours ago, my cousin picked up my grandma, mom and I to take us to Khao Yai, which is western Thailand which is just all mountains and country lands. Perfect get away from city lights and noisy neighbors. Ended up staying at my moms friends house, who use to live back in Fresno before moving back here to retire. This is one of the most modern houses I’ve ever step foot in (other than my grandpas house.) This house has it all, a meditation room including a sauna exported from Japan, and a rooftop to just lay a blanket down and watch the stars sparkle. Also at the peek of dust, thousands and thousands of bats come out from their caves in the mountain near the house to search for food. (I’ll post those pictures once I get a hold of a computer, probably my uncles house.)

Since I can’t sleep, I decided to update everyone on my whereabouts and explanation of my absents. There isn’t wifi here since my moms friends has AIS (one of the phone company here) so they have 3G here, but my mom and I.

Well, we leave here Sunday afternoon. So, I’ll probably post this on Sunday night, including Today’s entire since this is technicality a 1-9 day entire.

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"No relationship is perfect so just find the right one to go through hell and heaven with."
-Mark Patterson (via kushandwizdom)

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